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The Chief Executive Officer.

Captain Mohamed BERRAZOUANE 

The CEO's Commitment,

The satisfaction of the customer being the leitmotiv of our commitment, our policy is based on proceeding in close collaboration with the latter to guarantee his competitiveness and the rationality of  the services required from MARSHIPCO or from ALSHIC, considering our relashionship with him as a win-win privileged partnership

MARSHIPCO is dealing with the shipping management, the consignment of ships and goods, the shipowners representation, the crew-manning & the crew change, the supercargo duties and aboard  handling operation assistance,  and the maritime consulting while ALSHIC  provides the complementary services to MARSHIPCO and is also involved in the marine and maritime surveys for all kind of vessels and for all kind of cargoes and equipments as well as the flag inspections.

Regarding the above statement and for any request, Information or Assistance in the maritime fields in Algeria, please do not hesitate, Feel free to contact me

7/7 & 24/24 on the following.

mobile : +213 7 75793579

personal e.mail: [email protected]

professional e.mail: [email protected]


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